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PEB & Hot Rolled Steel Structures


PEB & Hot Rolled Steel Structures

Our Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are constructed in advance for your convenience with the most cost-effective steel construction solutions. We spare no expense in ensuring our buildings safety and structural performance. Our devotion to quality and safety is evident in every structure. Rest assured you’re in good hands with Fast Construction L.L.C.

The PEB Steel Structure is made up of frames, secondary members (Cold Formed Members), steel standard buyouts, accessories, mezzanine system, crane system, thermal insulation, wall and roof panels. Every structure undergoes thorough testing before leaving our facilities. We guarantee the peace of mind that will earn our customers’ loyalty.

Frames in the PEB industry often refer to primary built-up and few hot rolled members. The constant depth or tapered depth built-up members generally account for over 90% of the weight of frames while hot-rolled members generally account for the remaining 10%.

Secondary Members in the PEB industry refer mostly to the longitudinal roof and wall members that are roll-formed from galvanized coils or presses broken from narrow galvanized sheets. The raw material of these members is stocked in five thickness: 1.5, 1.75, 2.2, 2.25, and 2.5mm


Our Hot Rolled Steel Structures adhere to our high standards of safety and quality. This is a cost-effective option for customers with large projects such as multi-story low-rise buildings, oil and gas fields, equipment supporting structures, pipe racks and platforms, petrochemical plants, power plants, conveyor supporting structures, cement plants, shopping malls and many others.

The majority of hot-rolled steel buildings and structures are designed by Consultants and tendered for fabrication, blasting, painting, delivery, and installation on site. The fabricator is responsible for the design of connections and the preparation of shop drawings, erection drawings, Bills of Materials (BOM’s), and installation drawings (if installation is included in the scope of the supplier).

Moreover, our specialized team in the hot rolled section provides a full service for hot rolled projects including design, 3D modeling, engineering, fabrication, assembly, and on site installation.

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